Spreading the News

[At this point I know I’m pregnant, but I haven’t told anyone except Kenzie.]

My sister Kenzie was texting me and calling me “When are you going to tell mom?”

~rolls eyes~ “I don’t know.”

My sister is the most understanding person ever.  Well, most of the time.  So I’m thinking, and thinking, and I want to tell people but I don’t want to tell some people.  I was only 5 weeks along and that’s too early.  So I gave it a couple of days and text my brother, and then that evening I called my mom and dad.

Oh my goodness,  they would not pick up the phone!  *Like I have this big news and I don’t know if I’ll have the balls to tell you later!!*  I kept calling every hour.  And then I started to get worried.  See, when all the kids (us) moved out the house they became fresh 21 year olds again.  So I’m sitting in my house just thinking after leaving two voice mails.  9:30 comes around and I call them again.

My dad picks up, “Hey.”

“Hey I’ve been trying to get ahold of you for hours I’ve been so worried!”

“You were worried?  How sweet, we were out at the resturaunt.”

“Well where’s mom, I got something to tell yall.”

“She’s went to bed.”

*WTF all night I’ve been trying to get ahold of them and she’s in bed when I finally get ahold of someone!!*
“Well, you’re going to be a grand dad.”

“Hold on a second.” ~shuffle shuffle~

(background noise ‘Pick up the phone’)

Mom picks up the phone, “Hey honey.”

“Hey Mom you’re going to be a grand mom.”


“Oh wow.” – Mom

I said, “Ok, well I love you guys, I’ll talk to you later.”

So my mom calls me the next day and tells me that she looked at my dad this morning and said, “I had a dream Raine called and said she was pregnant”.  He looked at her and said he had had the same dream.  It got a laugh out of me when she told me.  I don’t know if she made that up or not but either way.

Next was telling my inlaws.  They’d been talking about grandbabies for a while so I think that made me even more nervous.  They live in town.  So Mr. Blue Eyes and I went over there one random night and hung around the house waiting for his dad to come home.  He called and asked what we wanted to eat and I didn’t want anything.

He got off the phone and my mother in law looked at me and asked me what was wrong.

I said, “nothing just not hungry”

She asked me if I was pregnant

*what the f-, how did she get that?!*.  I couldn’t lie so I said yea and she couldn’t believe she guessed it.

His dad came home and we made polite conversation and I’m just staring at Mr. Blue Eyes wondering when he’s gonna drop the bomb.  It goes on for minutes!  *Out with it!*  Minutes felt like hours while he was catching up with his dad.

Then the moment came, Mr. Blue Eyes said, “Well Dad, you’re going to be Grandpa.”

His dad replied, “You guys are f- with me.”

And I was like *finally!*  “No for real!  You’re going to be Grandpa.”

I think it took a couple minutes after that for it to really register.  He was so happy though, and of course we were too.

I didn’t tell many people until I was around 12 weeks pregnant after that.  Mr. Blue Eyes said he would wait (fat chance).  By the time I was 8 weeks pregnant he had told everyone at his work.  I thought it was cute, I was just hoping nothing bad would happen.  During that stage of pregnancy I just wanted to be careful, and telling less people can be less painful (socially) if anything bad had happened to my baby.  In the end all was well.

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