Pregnancy Scare and Mastitis

I was looking at the calendar thinking, where is my period?  I was a day or two late and that is not common.  I talked to Mr. Blue Eyes and he looked at me like I had morphed into an ugly alien creature.
“There’s no way.”

“I’m late and I’m never late.”

He hesitated and looked annoyed.  See, I’m not on the pill or anything but we use the latex protection, every time.  *How is this even possible?*  I decided I was being paranoid and ignored it for another day or two.  *Where is it?!*  I checked the calendar again and rolled my eyes.

This was not happening.

  I calculated again and came to an awful conclusion.  I wasn’t a day or even two days late, I was a week late.  The first time I calculated my expected period I started from the last day of my previous period, not the first.  *Oh shit*

I called Mr. Blue Eyes while he was at work, I was hysterical so there was no ‘wait till he gets home’ filter going on.

“Dude I’m not a day late, I’m a week late.”


“I just looked at the calendar again and I missed a week.  Dude I’ve got to be pregnant, I’m going to get a test.”

“No, I’ll get one on the way home.  Just watch the baby.”

~Sigh, “Ok.”

I couldn’t blame him for wanting to get the test.  Last time I went out and bought one while he was working and told him I was pregnant when he got off work.  I understand he didn’t want me to do that again, this time he wanted to be here, and I was scared of taking one anyway.

Mr. Blue Eyes comes home with a test and I’m like, “Ok, now or never” and went to take it.  We waited together for a few minutes and he told me it would be ok.  I didn’t believe him because if I was pregnant again already I was going to lose my shit.  Two minutes passes by and the test said negative.  Thank goodness.  I could breath again, but where the hell was my period?  Whatever.

So the next day I tried to be upbeat and happy but it was there on my mind still.  What if I took it too early? (tests are extremely accurate if you take after your expected period, btw.)  What if my pee was diluted because I drank too much water?  In my head, I was still pregnant.  My boobs started hurting, I had headaches, I was tired, and I felt nauseous.  Oh no.

This is not happening.

Mr. Blue Eyes came home from work and I sent him out for another test, “Buy two this time!”  He rolled his eyes and went to CVS or wherever and bought two more.  “Ok now or never..”  I took one of the tests and it was negative again.  Thank goodness.  I knew my pee wasn’t diluted this time.  I hadn’t drank half as much water that day.  But where was my period?  Why did my boobs hurt?  Why was I nauseous?

I got online and looked up why my boob was sore.  Only one was sore and I hadn’t really thought about it because other things were on my mind.

I found out I had a clogged milk duct.

It made sense.  I have a bunch of friends that breastfeed and I had heard horror stories about clogged ducts.  Apparently, mine had developed into mastitis.

Mastitis causes fever, nauseous, headaches, tiredness, and soreness.  Mastitis is when a clogged milk duct gets infected.  Mine had probably been infected for a couple days and I was so convinced I was pregnant that I had ignored my real issue.

I’m a natural cure kind of person.  If I can avoid antibiotics or going to the doctor in general I do.  When I read how serious mastitis was though I decided to go if I didn’t feel better after another day.  Mr. Blue Eyes had to work all day and I didn’t want to take the baby to the doctor with me if I could help it.  I researched and found that Vitamin C works wonders and so does garlic.  I drank a ton of orange and pineapple juice that day.

And did you know that Vitamin C will kick start your period?  I was 9 days late at this point but after drinking all that juice my period finally came.  *YES!*  I text Mr. Blue Eyes and I could just imagine him looking at it and rolling his eyes.

I woke up the next day feeling a thousand times better.  I was so happy I had my period that my spirits were lifted.  I still had the headaches from hell along with temperature spikes but the nausea was gone and I wasn’t so tired that I was worthless.  I went to the grocery store and bought garlic.  I read that if you cut up raw garlic and take it like pills that it will cut out any infection.

That day I took 3 cloves of garlic (cut up) with orange juice (cuts out the strong taste).  I woke up and felt brand new, but the redness on my boob from the clogged duct was still there.  I took another 3 cloves of raw garlic that day and I was all better.  My boob is a regular color, no headaches, fever, anything.  The garlic saved me. My body thanked me for not taking antibiotics.  If you do take antibiotics though, just eat lots of yogurt.  The probiotics are essential for your body.

Just because I didn’t go to the doctor doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. But, if you’re like me, trying raw garlic as a natural antibiotic is a great alternative.

Oh and you can still breastfeed with Mastitis. I breastfed the whole time (on both sides) and my little muffin was just sleepier than usual. If you stop breastfeeding with mastitis then your mastitis will get worse.

**I am not a doctor, nurse, midwife, or pediatrician so all of my suggestions are strictly based on my personal experience and research.

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