Pregnancy Cravings

You always hear about pregnancy cravings but before you get pregnant you may think it’s a sham, I did.

“Oh it’s an easy way to eat whatever you want and your partner will go get it for you! Anytime, day or night!”

Well being pregnant comes with its perks and if you have a supportive partner, you’ll have lots of help in the food department. I don’t think I really got my first “craving” until I was four or five months pregnant. And then.. it was on.

Mint Chocolate Chip milkshakes. OHHH YEAAA. I gave up smoking and so many people were like, “You’re going to save soo much money!” haha. I still laugh about that because I spent every penny and more that I would have spent on milkshakes. I drank one at least every other or other other day. It helped with my heartburn (peppermint is fantastic for that) and it was so delicious. Obviously, I still like them but I haven’t had one in months. And that’s ok. I probably drank enough for the rest of my life those last five months of pregnancy, but that’s not going to stop me.

Anyways! More cravings.. lets see. I wanted mozzarella sticks! All the time. Mr. Blue Eyes and I went bowling all the time with friends while I was pregnant. And yes.. I got mozzarella sticks every time. Afterwards I had the worst heartburn ever, but they were so good. Something in the cheese or something, I’m not positive.

Those were my two biggest things but near the end of my pregnancy I wanted burgers. Burgers, mmm. I never really liked burgers before. I eat them all the time now, since around my 7th month. They are so delicious. I’m actually making burgers tonight and now I am totally getting myself siked over it. Love some onions, bacon, cheese, and tomato on them. Season it with some A1. Oh yeaa

I guess you can tell this post has had me get a bit hungry. Let’s see… I also craved cream cheese every once in a while.. But I never craved pickles. Ever! People always talk about that but everyone is different I guess. Pickles used to be my thing, but haven’t been for a couple of years now. No pregnancy craving put them back in my line of sight.

What were your pregnancy cravings? Let us know in the comments below!

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