Bathing the Baby!

The first bath I gave muffin at home was awful.  If you had heard her cry you would have thought I was torturing her.  I set muffin down gently in the newborn swing in the tub my aunt got me.

I used Aveeno Fragrance free soap, I put a dime size amount on a washcloth, added lots of water to build a good sud, and cleaned her up.  I rinsed her off in the sink with luke warm water.  She was so incredibly upset.  But just know that I was quick, thorough, and talked her through everything I was doing.  I tried to talk to her with an extremely soothing tone but that didn’t work.  I continued anyway.  I had Mr. Blue Eyes help me with the towel once I picked her up out of the bath.  And that’s the end.  It was simple, it was stressful, but muffin was clean. Horray. Continue reading “Bathing the Baby!”

Spreading the News

[At this point I know I’m pregnant, but I haven’t told anyone except Kenzie.]

My sister Kenzie was texting me and calling me “When are you going to tell mom?”

~rolls eyes~ “I don’t know.”

My sister is the most understanding person ever.  Well, most of the time.  So I’m thinking, and thinking, and I want to tell people but I don’t want to tell some people.  I was only 5 weeks along and that’s too early.  So I gave it a couple of days and text my brother, and then that evening I called my mom and dad. Continue reading “Spreading the News”

Baby and the TV

I like things natural in my house.  In my opinion, there is nothing natural about staring at a screen with thousands of lights changing colors so quickly.  With that being said, I still watch TV.  I love watching American Ninja Warrior, Game of Thrones, the History Channel, the Weather Channel, etc.  There’s so much you can learn, and TV can be extremely captivating!

Captivating…  I notice when I watch TV and my baby is awake she’s always staring at the screen.  Continue reading “Baby and the TV”

Finding out about Pregnancy

When I found out I was pregnant, my world was over.  And how I really found out?  Unbelievable.  Let’s start from the beginning.  I was having mood swings and some depression.  I had been on the same birth control pills for three or four years.  I decided to take a break for a couple months (haha I know) and I told Mr. Blue Eyes and we took precautions.  My moods started evening out and everything was perfect.  Well obviously we had a couple of encounters that were not so precautious but I didn’t think anything about it because, that was super unlikely right?

So at the end of the month we went on vacation with my family.  Party, party, party.  We had such a great time, too great- to be honest.  While I was on vacation one day, I was so worn out I took a nap and ended up sleeping around four hours.  I was pissed.  No one woke me up for dinner!  Geez!  So I got up and Mr. Blue Eyes made me a hamburger and all was well again.  I’m not the nicest person when I’m tired anyway.  While we were on vacation we saw two rainbows.  That was insane for me.  I’d seen maybe 3 rainbows my entire life.

So we get home from vacation and there’s another rainbow!  *Something is going on!*  Unpacking my tampons was weird feeling, I just stared at them for a little while.  *Strange..  I should have gotten it while I was there.  Well, I’ll give it a day or two.*  Later, I’m sitting outside throwing the frisbee to my dog when I start thinking about that box of tampons again.  So while I’m outside I look up at the one cloud in the sky and think *Oh God, am I pregnant?*  and there was a lightning strike.  Right then, in the one cloud in the blue sky.  *What the .., I’m pregnant*  And that’s how I found out.

Of course, I bought a test the next day and took it while Mr. Blue Eyes was at work.

I wasn’t about to call him with this news so I called my sister Kenzie and balled my eyes out.  It took me about two seconds after I told Mr. Blue Eyes to become excited.  I cried and told him he was going to be a father and he had the biggest smile I had ever seen him with.  He saved my sanity, he truly is the best hubby and dad.