Off Roading Stroller

I bought my baby an umbrella stroller the other day. Man, they are awesome! My baby started laughing as I pushed her around in it the first time. They’re so lightweight and fold up nicely for traveling. So much better than the big chunky ones (although they are great for smaller babies). I can tell my baby can feel all the rocks, bumps, etc. And she loves it!

I have a pretty bumpy grassy backyard. I took my baby outside in the stroller and threw the frisbee to the dog. She loves watching the dog run like a cheetah and catch the whatever I’m throwing at the time, haha. *Let’s really test this stroller out*
I had the baby in the stroller and started walking it around the grass, up and down the bumps and little muffin started laughing. Laughing, like really loud.

Cutest thing ever. So I picked up the speed and jogged around the backyard with her and she could not stop. “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA”. Omg I started laughing with her and my neighbors probably thought I was nuts. Like, crazy. ‘What’s wrong with that woman?!’ Off road strolling is what I’ve started calling this. Little muffin looks forward to it all the time now.

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