My Sick Baby

I breastfeed so my baby doesn’t get sick often. I don’t know if that’s completely accurate or not but she’s only had a fever three times in the past year. Well she has one now. No symptoms besides fever and sleepiness. I learned the first time she got sick that it’s awful. To see my mini me feeling sick and tired all day made me so stressed and anxious. What happened? Why is she sick? Did I do something wrong?

In the end, I guess it’s just something that happens. I’m the all natural type so I didn’t want to give her any medicine. I wanted to let her ride it out and let her high temperature kick whatever’s butt. But after day 1 and half of day 2 (the first time she got sick ~7 months old) I started to worry. I called my pediatrician but since she had no other symptoms and her fever was low-ish (around 101) she said to let it ride out for another day before bringing her in.

My friend (she’s a nurse) was like, “You should get her some baby motrin.”

“I don’t know.. I want to let it ride out.”

“Look at her Raine, she is obviously feeling really bad.”

After that I was like ok fine. I’ll try it I guess. *eye roll* She actually went out and got it for me since she’s one of the greatest friends ever.

Thirty minutes after I gave it to her she was my happy little muffin again. *What is this science?!* I was amazed and also felt like a bit of a moron.

Either way, we were both happy again. I had to give it to her twice more (8 hours apart) and then she was fine again. I’m still not sure what it was. No pulling on the ears, no diaherra, no throw up, no itching, etc.

Now my baby is sick again. Same thing. No symptoms just fever and fatigue. But I have a guess. My mother in law brought some toys over she had bought at a garage sale. Instead of telling me she didn’t clean them (which is so obvious to me now) she gave them directly to the baby.

Little muffin grabbed the little animal and put it in her mouth. -‘yay another toy, let me inspect it with my mouth!’-

As soon as she did it I thought of it. *Did MIL clean this? probably not! Let’s hope she doesn’t get sick!* Two days later… Now I know it seems kind of harsh, but we’ve been home bodies this week. We haven’t really gone out since Saturday. So either she got something Saturday and it didn’t show up for four days or these toys got her sick. I guess it doesn’t matter because I can’t turn back time.

I started looking up natural foods for babies that’s good for colds/whatever is going on. I found that virgin coconut oil is an antiviral, antifungal, and antibiotic! How awesome is that? And I actually had some in the house because I’ve been using it on my receding gums (it works! So much for all those dentists telling me that they’d never grow back). Anyways- I’ve added a baby spoon full to her baby food every other meal and she’s becoming more and more playful even though her fever is still there. I think it’s working, but she might just be getting better naturally. Oh well.

I also saw that you can put coconut oil on cradle cap. Muffin has just a couple of flakes on her head here and there so I thought I’d try that out too. I got her out of the bath last night and put some coconut oil on her head. Almost all of her little flakes are gone! Amazing!

My pediatrician also told me to get vitamin c supplements.  I haven’t done that yet, but plan on it tomorrow.  I’ve given her a lot of fruit today though, thank goodness she’s still eating well.


**I am not a doctor, nurse, or pediatrician so all of my suggestions are strictly based on my personal experience and research.


Do any of you guys use coconut oil with your little ones? Or do you use other oils? Let me know in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “My Sick Baby”

    1. Thank you! She’s feeling so much better. Took her 3 days to get over her fever but now she’s back to normal, my healthy happy baby!

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