French Toast Gas

One week after having my baby, my sister Kenzie made me breakfast. She was visiting from the north to meet my little muffin. She makes this amazing baked blueberry french toast and I must have ate half a pan of it (seriously, I’m not exaggerating at all). My appetite was bigger than ever since I was breast-feeding. As mentioned in a previous post, Food and Baby, I breastfed almost every hour for the first month of her life.

Back to the french toast. Man it was good, like really good. And not to get off track (although that’s exactly what I’m doing) but I try to make it all the time and it’s never as good as when my sister makes it. She’s told me she adds extra maple syrup though, so next time I’ll do that too.

Anyways!! So I ate all that french toast and breastfed my little one. An hour later she passed gas. I always thought those little poots were funny but that one was downright crazy. I was reading a book feeding her when it happened, and I realized it smelled good. Good as in… it smelled exactly like the french toast I just ate! Now, I had never really had a moment like that.

But as time went on it happened again with other foods I had eaten. It never smelled ‘good’ again but I could tell.

“that’s fried chicken!”
“That’s New York Strip!”
“That’s that salad!”

How weird right? It makes sense when you think about it. I was her only source of nutrition, and everything I ate went indirectly to her. Now she’s obviously eating tons of regular food so it doesn’t happen at all anymore but for those first 5 months of her life I could tell what I had eaten by her little poots if I had forgotten! I still and probably will always laugh about that first instance. That little blueberry french toast fart.

Any of you guys have this happen with your little ones? Feel free to comment your stories!

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