Food and Baby

When it comes to my baby, I breastfeed.  There’s plenty of great things about it.  It’s good for her immune system, developement, and digestion.  It helps strengthen the bond between her and I.

It’s cheap too, haha.  The most expensive thing associated with it are the breast pump, bags, and time.  It takes a lot of time, especially in those first few months.  In her first month I felt like 80% of my time was spent nursing my child. She wanted to stay on me and nurse for almost an hour at a time, and then she wanted to eat every two or three hours.  I’m so glad I had a great support system (my mom and fiance).  They helped keep my house somewhat decent and my mom cooked for me for a week! (I’m the luckiest daughter ever.)

Now that she’s older I make my own baby food.  Since she was 4 1/2 months old, she’s been eating fruits and veggies.  A lot of people say that’s early, but I didn’t give her much at all when I started.  Twice a day, in the beginning, I’d give her about 3 baby spoons full of bananas, avocado, or cooked (boiled for 4ish minutes) apples, carrots, pears, or sweet potato (400 degrees in oven for 45 mins or till done).

She did well with everything except bananas.  She got the worst gas and she would stay up all night in pain :(.  Needless to say, I stopped giving her bananas until recently (around 7 months old) and now she does fine with them.  I gave her the same food for four days straight (except the bananas) to make sure she did well with it and had no allergies.  I then switched to the next food.  This is the order of the food I introduced to her:  banana, avocado, apple, sweet potato, pear, carrot, brocoli, plain yogurt, spinach (she did not like this alone, I added apple to it and she loved it), and I forget after that.  You can research when and what foods to give to your baby depending on age, and always ask your pediatrician too.

Now she’s 11 months old and I still make her food.  I mix it up though!  I’ll do an apple and strawberry mixture (boil apple for 3ish minutes, then add strawberries for 1 minute, take out, let cool, then mix with a ninja) that smells so good!  Now a lot of pediatricians suggest not giving strawberries to babies until a certain age (around 1 maybe?), so always talk to them to see what they say about introducing new foods.  Anyways, for a vegetable mixture I’ll do half an apple, brocoli, and spinach.  She really likes it too.  I’ll give her fruit in the morning and veggies at night.

A lot of people buy prepackaged baby foods, this is ok!  It’s more expensive but less time consuming.  When I travel I buy Plum baby food.

It’s organic and easy.  I don’t want to take over my mother’s/inlaw’s/friend’s kitchen so I’ll pack about two or three per day for her.

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