Finding Out The Gender

“It’s a boy, I just have that feeling. You know how right I am about these things.” I said.
Mr. Blue Eye’s nodded, “Yea you are good about that stuff.”
We were walking into the OB/GYN office to confirm what we already knew. We were having a boy.
My doctor looked at me during the routine stuff, “So what do you think?”
“We’re having a boy, I’m pretty sure.”
“Oh ok, what if it’s a girl?” She asked
“Well we have a name picked out if it’s a girl.”
“That’s a sure way to get a boy.”

So we were waiting for our sonogram. I was 19 weeks along (some OB/GYNs wait until 20, or even 21 weeks to do this sonogram. Some insurances won’t cover until after 19 weeks.) We were excited and a little nervous. This is the one that they make sure the baby has his/her hands, legs, good size head, organs, etc.
“There’s the legs, and that’s the behind.” She said.
Mr. Blue Eyes smiled at each other. She continued to measure and make sure everything was there.
“So did you two want to know the sex of the baby?”
We did the quick glance and said at the same time, “Yes.”
She did that knowing laugh and moved it around and got a good glance at the behind.

“Well.. it looks like it’s a girl.”
“A girl? Are you sure?” I asked.
“Well I’ll take two more glances and let you know.”
Ten seconds later..
“Yes, it’s a girl. Look at the screen right here.” ~points “That’s the clitoris.”
With wide eyes I looked at Mr. Blue Eyes, “She’s a girl!”
He was so happy. I was happy too but very wrong. Definitely a boy… nope.

Just one tip to those of you going to find out the gender, drink juice! The sugar makes the baby more active. It makes it easier for them to tell, because in certain positions they can’t determine the sex of the little one.

Some cities have centers where you can get a sonogram and they’ll tell you the gender of the baby at 14 weeks! (yes, crazy early right?) I could have done that here for $200 but we chose to wait.

At how many weeks did you guys find out the gender? Or did you choose to wait until birth? Let us know in the comments below.

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