F*** on the To Do List

So I have a chalkboard in my house.  On it, I write my daily chores and errands I need to do/run so I don’t forget something.  I erase the chores when I’ve finished and I legitimately enjoy it.  It makes me feel productive and happy.  Plus my house is cleaner, and that’s always great.

I put up the chalkboard last year and write things like sweep, mop, grocery shop, clean bathrooms, etc.  Well one day I wrote a list a little longer than usual.  It had a lot of errands and chores on it and Mr. Blue Eyes came up behind me and sighed.  Like a big sigh.
The list looked something like this:

*clean bathrooms
*make baby food
*clean fridge + kitchen
*take trash out

I do about 85% of the chores and errands.  I have more time than Mr. Blue Eyes because he works full time + over time and I only work part time.  But when I make these lists he acts like it’s hard for him.  He sees it as so much more he has to do even though I end up doing everything on them.  He’s not a list guy.  Guess you might have figured that out?  Anyways.

I walked out of the room to start the first thing on the list.  I think it was clean bathrooms.  I left the windex in the kitchen.  As I walked back I saw an addition on the list.  At the bottom in little capital letters Mr. Blue Eyes had added “F**K”.  I rolled my eyes and laughed.  *Wait.. how long has it been??*  Sometimes between taking care of the house, baby, working, etc. I forget about sex.  At that point it had been two days.  I felt better after I realized it hadn’t been too long.

Normally I end up doing my chores in order, but not this time.  I finished cleaning the bathroom, got the baby to sleep and f***ed my man.  I think he enjoyed crossing it off the list.

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