As a first time mom, I had no idea what I was in for when it came to diapers.  It never bothers me when it comes to changing her though.  I’ve seen some atrocious things, downright strange colors, and things I can’t forget.  But it still doesn’t bother me, the hubby, however, can be heard screaming down the hall.  I laugh.  We share responsibility since we both work.  Honestly, I’d still make him do it if I was a full-time house wife haha.

At our baby shower we got three or four different kinds of diapers.  We used the newborn huggies but they weren’t good for our baby.  Every time she peed or pooped it would go through/around the diaper.  It was super messy and ended up in a complete outfit change every time.

Honest company diapers were great.  They had cool air balloons on them too.  Super cute, very reliable.

Pampers swaddlers were my favorite.  They have the little yellow line that turns blue when it’s wet.  As a new mom I felt very good about having that indicator.  I know now that the extra expense could have been saved if I just felt the diaper.  We still use pampers though.  We get the baby dry ones, and they are great.  I’ve only ever had one mess slip through the diaper and that’s only because she or I (I don’t really know) must have accidentally pulled it left or right.

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