Daydreams about Getting Good Sleep

I covered some of the issues with sleep in my previous post about bladder control.  In my case, that was the second most difficult part about sleeping; the ridiculous heart burn was worse.  Other hardships arise while sleeping pregnant too, like positions that are good for you and your baby, crazy dreams, and getting out of bed.

Let’s get to heart burn.  Ugh.  I think I got it worse than most, who knows though.  I would get heartburn from drinking water.  I’m not joking, it was awful.  It mostly affected me in the morning and then when I laid down to sleep.  I normally sleep on one pillow, but to help with the heartburn I stacked two pillows and took some tums (ask your OB before taking any medicine, I hear that most approve tums though).  Throughout the day I’d drink mint chocolate chip milkshakes (the peppermint helps A LOT with heart burn).  I’m serious, those milk shakes saved me.

When I was newly pregnant I could sleep any way.  I always slept on my right side or my back.  When I became around 5 months pregnant, I had to stop.  Sleeping on your back can be dangerous because your baby is gaining weight and that weight will rest on your back.  It can cut off circulation.  You end up becoming a side sleeper.  And for those that sleep on the stomachs, HA, that’s been over.

I’m glad I was rarely a stomach sleeper, I feel bad for those moms most of all when it comes to sleep positions.  I noticed when I slept on my right my heartburn would be so awful.  So I ended up sleeping on my left side most of my pregnancy.  They suggest that anyway (or my OB did anyway).  Sleep is a joke when you’re big pregnant anyway.  A joke that is not very funny, or more accurately, not funny at all.

The crazy dreams can be stressful or just downright entertaining.  I had many extremely vivid dreams and I’d wake up like *wth is going on*.  I suggest writing them down because if you’re like me you’ll forget.

I know I had sooo many ridiculous dreams but I can only remember a few.  Mr. Blue Eyes might not want me to tell this one, but oh well.

In my dream he was with another girl.  Her name was Rachel and she was from Florida, and she was gorgeous.  I was so jealous and angry.  I confronted him and asked what in the world he was doing and he tried to play it off.  The dream felt like an eternity but that’s all I remember now.

Anyways- I woke up and it was about 3 AM.  I was still so angry that I pushed him.  Mr. Blue Eyes didn’t wake up.  So I pushed him again and said, “Wake up!”

He turns and opens his eyes a little and then wakes up.  “What’s wrong?  Is everything ok?”  with the sweetest look in his eye.

“Do you know a Rachel?”  He had that question mark look in his eye while I spoke.  “From Florida.  Do you know a Rachel from Florida?”

He’s looking at me like I’ve grown extra eyes, or noses, or a whole head.  “No, I don’t know a Rachel from Florida.”

“Oh.. ok.  You can go back to sleep.”  Mr. Blue Eyes wasn’t about to let me get off that easy though.

“What’s up?”  And I told him about the dream and he rolled his eyes and went back to sleep.

In the end, I felt like an idiot, but those vivid dreams will have you seriously questioning your reality.  And I guess I felt a little vulnerable being so pregnant that my subconscious was acting up in my dreams.  Anyway, write your dreams down, unless they’re all bad.  You might want to forget those.

When it comes to getting out of bed, monumental effort is required.  I had to roll myself toward the edge and then kick my feet in a circle like a clock’s 15 seconds.  It took me a good minute to get out of bed.

Hopefully your sleep goes well and you can avoid the heartburn, get out of bed easily to pee the 15 times you’ll have to, and enjoy your vivid dreams.  I’ve attached a couple of tips at the bottom mentioned above.


bladder issues:

*wear depends if you’ve had accidents (don’t be embarrassed!  this happens to plenty of mom to bes)

*always pee before you get in bed!  (I forgot to do this so many times and cursed my way up out of bed almost immediately after I laid down)
for heartburn (if you’re body is like mine)

*take tums

*eat things with peppermint

*sleep with multiple pillows or in a recliner if it doesn’t go away

*drink lots of water
sleep positions

*learn to like sleeping on your left side

*sleep with a pillow in-between your legs

**I am not a doctor, nurse, midwife, or pediatrician so all of my suggestions are strictly based on my personal experience and research.

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