A beautiful experience between mother and child. A bonding experience that will encourage the relationship between mom and baby, forever. Yep. That’s how everyone will tell it but statistically, it’s not true.

Breastfeeding over bottle feeding does not necessarily give you a ‘stronger’ bond with your child. Holding, hugging, and kissing your child does that. Whether or not you breastfeed. Continue reading “Breastfeeding”

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Baby’s First Steps

We have had the little muffin in her walker since she was five months old. She enjoyed playing with the toys on the front at first. Later she started taking steps in it and really took off!


Since she was about 10 months old she was standing on her own. She didn’t take steps though. Just stood up and sat down, over and over again. She really started crawling a lot at that age too. She never felt the need to crawl much, which had some family members worried, but not I. I’d heard so much about babies that skip crawling all together, and before 10 months I definitely thought that was going to be the case. Continue reading “Baby’s First Steps”

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Off Roading Stroller

I bought my baby an umbrella stroller the other day. Man, they are awesome! My baby started laughing as I pushed her around in it the first time. They’re so lightweight and fold up nicely for traveling. So much better than the big chunky ones (although they are great for smaller babies). I can tell my baby can feel all the rocks, bumps, etc. And she loves it!

Continue reading “Off Roading Stroller”

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Baby’s First Word

From the moment my baby started smiling and cooing I was waiting for her first word. I had so many people tell me it was going to be “dada” and I prepared for it. By prepare for it, I don’t mean shrug it off. Mr. Blue Eyes was going to work, and I would look at my little muffin and point to myself.

“Mama.” Continue reading “Baby’s First Word”

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French Toast Gas

One week after having my baby, my sister Kenzie made me breakfast. She was visiting from the north to meet my little muffin. She makes this amazing baked blueberry french toast and I must have ate half a pan of it (seriously, I’m not exaggerating at all). My appetite was bigger than ever since I was breast-feeding. As mentioned in a previous post, Food and Baby, I breastfed almost every hour for the first month of her life. Continue reading “French Toast Gas”

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My Sick Baby

I breastfeed so my baby doesn’t get sick often. I don’t know if that’s completely accurate or not but she’s only had a fever three times in the past year. Well she has one now. No symptoms besides fever and sleepiness. I learned the first time she got sick that it’s awful. To see my mini me feeling sick and tired all day made me so stressed and anxious. What happened? Why is she sick? Did I do something wrong?

In the end, I guess it’s just something that happens. I’m the all natural type so I didn’t want to give her any medicine. Continue reading “My Sick Baby”

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Reading Time

One thing the little muffin and I enjoy tremendously is reading time. She loves to play with her books all the time, even if I’m not reading them. The cute part is me having to flip the books so she’s looking at it upright. We read a lot. Every day, and normally 8 – 10 books.
Here are our favorites:
The Little Blue Truck by Alice Schretle

There’s actually a couple of these books and they are about a little country truck dealing with different situations. The writing and illustrations are great and fun. Continue reading “Reading Time”

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As a first time mom, I had no idea what I was in for when it came to diapers.  It never bothers me when it comes to changing her though.  I’ve seen some atrocious things, downright strange colors, and things I can’t forget.  But it still doesn’t bother me, the hubby, however, can be heard screaming down the hall.  I laugh.  We share responsibility since we both work.  Honestly, I’d still make him do it if I was a full-time house wife haha.

At our baby shower we got three or four different kinds of diapers.  We used the newborn huggies but they weren’t good for our baby.  Every time she peed or pooped it would go through/around the diaper.  It was super messy and ended up in a complete outfit change every time. Continue reading “Diapers”

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First Day Home

Let’s start at the beginning.  You’re bringing your baby home from the hospital.  He/she is strapped safely in the car seat and either dozing off immediately or crying from confusion.  It’s ok, he/she will be just fine.  Drive safe and stop by a coffee shop or something, you deserve it.  Ok, so you either do that or not and you get home.

Do you have pets?  Have they been around you the entire time you were pregnant?   Continue reading “First Day Home”

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