French Toast Gas

One week after having my baby, my sister Kenzie made me breakfast. She was visiting from the north to meet my little muffin. She makes this amazing baked blueberry french toast and I must have ate half a pan of it (seriously, I’m not exaggerating at all). My appetite was bigger than ever since I was breast-feeding. As mentioned in a previous post, Food and Baby, I breastfed almost every hour for the first month of her life. Continue reading “French Toast Gas”

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Back to Work

I went back to work at exactly 28 days postpartum.  I had really enjoyed being home with my little muffin but I was excited to be on the scene again.  It wasn’t all that special, I went to work, socialized, and shared pictures with my coworkers.  When I got home, Mr. Blue Eyes had done really well with the muffin as far as I could tell.  He was full of stories of nasty diapers, and her being so cute.

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F*** on the To Do List

So I have a chalkboard in my house.  On it, I write my daily chores and errands I need to do/run so I don’t forget something.  I erase the chores when I’ve finished and I legitimately enjoy it.  It makes me feel productive and happy.  Plus my house is cleaner, and that’s always great. Continue reading “F*** on the To Do List”

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Pregnancy Scare and Mastitis

I was looking at the calendar thinking, where is my period?  I was a day or two late and that is not common.  I talked to Mr. Blue Eyes and he looked at me like I had morphed into an ugly alien creature.
“There’s no way.”

“I’m late and I’m never late.”

He hesitated and looked annoyed.  See, I’m not on the pill or anything but we use the latex protection, every time.  *How is this even possible?*  I decided I was being paranoid and ignored it for another day or two.  *Where is it?!*  I checked the calendar again and rolled my eyes.

This was not happening.

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Confidence and Appearances with New Baby

Some people, like me, have/had trouble adjusting with a new baby.  Having my little muffin was the best thing that’s ever happened to me, but dealing with social appearances and hormones sent my confidence downhill.  I’ve written up some confidence boosting advice I wish I had had.

First off,

People that don’t understand why you’re late, or why you’re not wearing makeup with a ironed outfit do not need your time.  Continue reading “Confidence and Appearances with New Baby”

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