A beautiful experience between mother and child. A bonding experience that will encourage the relationship between mom and baby, forever. Yep. That’s how everyone will tell it but statistically, it’s not true.

Breastfeeding over bottle feeding does not necessarily give you a ‘stronger’ bond with your child. Holding, hugging, and kissing your child does that. Whether or not you breastfeed.

I’ll get something straight though. I breastfeed. I’ve been doing it over a year, and it is amazing and I’d do it again. Was it the most amazing and perfect experience ever? No, not even close.

Although I loved almost every minute of it there were difficulties. When muffin was around two months old she gummed the living sh** out of me. It hurt so bad. I taught her, (I think, I’m not sure, but it worked) that if she ‘gummed’ me, she would not get to suckle any longer. I promptly took her off my breast and held her in my arms.

The very beginning was the most difficult. My nipples bled for a week. After that I found about lanolin (I wish I knew the very first day!).

Lanolin is amazing, you apply it to your nipples and it’s safe for babies, so you don’t have to worry about wiping it off every time you nurse. For me, the beginning was crazy. For the first month, muffin wanted to be on my breast every thirty minutes and I let her.

After about a month my sister Kenzie sent me Mother’s Milk tea and my milk production soared. It was great. I could finally get three or four hours of freedom. My house started becoming clean again. It was satisfying, very nice. Peace. Zen. Ahh, sweet time, where have you been? Seriously.

When muffin turned about three months old breastfeeding became very easy and regular. She bit me a couple of times but cried when I was like, “OWW” with pain. She realized, I think, that she shouldn’t do that. She has more than ten teeth now and she hasn’t bit me in many months.

When it comes to breastfeeding, the most important thing is to be comfortable and confident with yourself. If you production is a little low, try the mother’s milk. If you’ve tried everything (or maybe not) and your baby is still crying and hungry, use formula! Formula has saved thousands and thousands of lives. No mother should be ashamed of using it, and no mother should discourage another mother from feeding what they think is best for their baby.

**I am not a doctor, nurse, midwife, or pediatrician so all of my suggestions are strictly based on my personal experience and research.

Feel free to share some of your breast or formula feeding stories with us in the comments!

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