Bathing the Baby!

The first bath I gave muffin at home was awful.  If you had heard her cry you would have thought I was torturing her.  I set muffin down gently in the newborn swing in the tub my aunt got me.

I used Aveeno Fragrance free soap, I put a dime size amount on a washcloth, added lots of water to build a good sud, and cleaned her up.  I rinsed her off in the sink with luke warm water.  She was so incredibly upset.  But just know that I was quick, thorough, and talked her through everything I was doing.  I tried to talk to her with an extremely soothing tone but that didn’t work.  I continued anyway.  I had Mr. Blue Eyes help me with the towel once I picked her up out of the bath.  And that’s the end.  It was simple, it was stressful, but muffin was clean. Horray.

One time when muffin was a newborn, I bathed her, got her in the towel, and then she pooed all over.  I cleaned her up with wipes that time because muffin hated baths then.  From that point on I always make it a point to dry muffin as quickly as possible and dress her.  That way the mess is contained.  Horray!  I guess it’s common sense but honestly it feels like there are a lot of ‘common sense’ things I didn’t realize until after the fact.

Now that she’s older it’s so much more fun.  She absolutely loves bath time.  Muffin smiles, laughs, and plays with her little rubber duckies.  I’ve switched her to a blow up bath now that she sits up in.  I use a big plastic cup at the end to rinse all the little suds off of her.  Too cute, I swear.
The trick about bath time for us is what happens beforehand.  I always hold her and check for warmth in her diaper.  I like to bathe her right after she pees so she doesn’t pee in the water.  I know babies pee a lot in the bath but it bugs me!  I’m trying to get her clean!  Not cover her in her own pee!

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