Baby’s First Steps

We have had the little muffin in her walker since she was five months old. She enjoyed playing with the toys on the front at first. Later she started taking steps in it and really took off!


Since she was about 10 months old she was standing on her own. She didn’t take steps though. Just stood up and sat down, over and over again. She really started crawling a lot at that age too. She never felt the need to crawl much, which had some family members worried, but not I. I’d heard so much about babies that skip crawling all together, and before 10 months I definitely thought that was going to be the case.

Well last month, at 13 months old (time is going by too fast!) she took her first step. We were over at a friend’s house for a BBQ and had her out on their screened in porch. She had been walking around their table holding onto the edges but at some point she turned around walked to our friend and was holding onto her chair. She turned around and her daddy (Mr. Blue Eyes) was like “come here baby!”

Little muffin looked at him and started walking right then to her dad. It was so sweet. Our friends literally looked like the heart eyes emoji everyone is using so much nowadays. So funny, so cute!

Muffin’s little waddle is adorable. 2 weeks later and she started waddling fast and walks back and forth the entire house quickly. It all happens so fast!!
Now she likes to follow the dog around. Our dog likes to lay down and sleep a lot but now that the babies walking she’s constantly on the go. So funny! Wherever she goes the baby follows.

Little muffin comes to me every time I ask and when we go to the kitchen I just tell her to follow me and she does. When we go to her nursery to change her diaper or whatever she follows me there too. I swear she is learning so quickly. She knows so many words, and I know this because we do sign language! That’s a post for later though.
I’m so proud of my muffin. She’s the best!

When did your babies start walking? Feel free to comment and let us know below!

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