Baby’s First Word

From the moment my baby started smiling and cooing I was waiting for her first word. I had so many people tell me it was going to be “dada” and I prepared for it. By prepare for it, I don’t mean shrug it off. Mr. Blue Eyes was going to work, and I would look at my little muffin and point to myself.


She looked at me and cocked her head. Kind of like my dog does when she’s confused. I wonder now if she picked that up from the dog or if that really is just one of those natural things.. Anyway, I guess that’s off topic.

“I’m momma. Can you say momma?”

She just watched me for a while. But everyday I did this. I had heard for months and months already that my daughter was a ‘daddy’s girl’ (which I said before anyone else did)
“she’ll be soo close to her father”
“she’ll bond with him better than she’ll ever bond with you”  (yes really, people said these things)

So naturally, however selfish it is, I really wanted her to say momma first. After a month or two, she looked at me while Mr. Blue Eyes was at work.


I think I had some tears, I don’t really remember. There probably were though. I was so happy. I called Mr. Blue Eyes.

“She said Mama!”

“Aww, she loves you so much Raine.”

I have the best hubby ever by the way. He’s so supportive. I couldn’t be luckier.

Anyways. So my inlaws came over a couple days later and Mr. Blue Eyes told them she said ‘mama’.

“Oh wow really? They always say dada first. It’s easier for them to say,” etc. etc.

“Well she did! And apparently not!” I said.   Sometimes I think wayy too late. I honestly don’t think they believed she had said it. A couple of minutes later there she went though.

“Mama, mama, mama, mama, mama, mama.”

Everyone went still except me. “Awww I love you honey!”

For the next week while Mr. Blue Eyes was at work and I said “Dada. Dada loves you, he’s at work.” I wanted her to say it so he would feel how awesome it was to have his beautiful muffin look up in his eyes and say his name.

She was 6 months old at the time. Somewhere around there. She said Dada about six days after she said mama. And I have to tell you she always says ‘Dada’ now. She calls me ‘Dada’ unless she’s crying, then she calls me ‘Mama’. So although she said Mama first, it didn’t really stick after she learned ‘Dada’. In the end, I think it’s karma and extremely hilarious.

What was your baby’s first word? Feel free to comment and let us know!

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2 thoughts on “Baby’s First Word”

    1. It seems like once they start talking the words come so fast to them! I can’t believe how fast my baby has picked up new words since she started saying ‘mama’ and ‘dada’. You aren’t a bad mom for not remembering, especially if you’re willing to admit it! Thanks so much!

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