A beautiful experience between mother and child. A bonding experience that will encourage the relationship between mom and baby, forever. Yep. That’s how everyone will tell it but statistically, it’s not true.

Breastfeeding over bottle feeding does not necessarily give you a ‘stronger’ bond with your child. Holding, hugging, and kissing your child does that. Whether or not you breastfeed. Continue reading “Breastfeeding”

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Pregnancy Cravings

You always hear about pregnancy cravings but before you get pregnant you may think it’s a sham, I did.

“Oh it’s an easy way to eat whatever you want and your partner will go get it for you! Anytime, day or night!”

Well being pregnant comes with its perks and if you have a supportive partner, you’ll have lots of help in the food department. I don’t think I really got my first “craving” until I was four or five months pregnant. And then.. it was on. Continue reading “Pregnancy Cravings”

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