Finding Out The Gender

“It’s a boy, I just have that feeling. You know how right I am about these things.” I said.
Mr. Blue Eye’s nodded, “Yea you are good about that stuff.”
We were walking into the OB/GYN office to confirm what we already knew. We were having a boy.
My doctor looked at me during the routine stuff, “So what do you think?”
“We’re having a boy, I’m pretty sure.”
“Oh ok, what if it’s a girl?” She asked
“Well we have a name picked out if it’s a girl.”
“That’s a sure way to get a boy.”
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Baby’s First Steps

We have had the little muffin in her walker since she was five months old. She enjoyed playing with the toys on the front at first. Later she started taking steps in it and really took off!


Since she was about 10 months old she was standing on her own. She didn’t take steps though. Just stood up and sat down, over and over again. She really started crawling a lot at that age too. She never felt the need to crawl much, which had some family members worried, but not I. I’d heard so much about babies that skip crawling all together, and before 10 months I definitely thought that was going to be the case. Continue reading “Baby’s First Steps”

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Off Roading Stroller

I bought my baby an umbrella stroller the other day. Man, they are awesome! My baby started laughing as I pushed her around in it the first time. They’re so lightweight and fold up nicely for traveling. So much better than the big chunky ones (although they are great for smaller babies). I can tell my baby can feel all the rocks, bumps, etc. And she loves it!

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