Baby’s First Word

From the moment my baby started smiling and cooing I was waiting for her first word. I had so many people tell me it was going to be “dada” and I prepared for it. By prepare for it, I don’t mean shrug it off. Mr. Blue Eyes was going to work, and I would look at my little muffin and point to myself.

“Mama.” Continue reading “Baby’s First Word”

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French Toast Gas

One week after having my baby, my sister Kenzie made me breakfast. She was visiting from the north to meet my little muffin. She makes this amazing baked blueberry french toast and I must have ate half a pan of it (seriously, I’m not exaggerating at all). My appetite was bigger than ever since I was breast-feeding. As mentioned in a previous post, Food and Baby, I breastfed almost every hour for the first month of her life. Continue reading “French Toast Gas”

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