My Sick Baby

I breastfeed so my baby doesn’t get sick often. I don’t know if that’s completely accurate or not but she’s only had a fever three times in the past year. Well she has one now. No symptoms besides fever and sleepiness. I learned the first time she got sick that it’s awful. To see my mini me feeling sick and tired all day made me so stressed and anxious. What happened? Why is she sick? Did I do something wrong?

In the end, I guess it’s just something that happens. I’m the all natural type so I didn’t want to give her any medicine. Continue reading “My Sick Baby”

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Back to Work

I went back to work at exactly 28 days postpartum.  I had really enjoyed being home with my little muffin but I was excited to be on the scene again.  It wasn’t all that special, I went to work, socialized, and shared pictures with my coworkers.  When I got home, Mr. Blue Eyes had done really well with the muffin as far as I could tell.  He was full of stories of nasty diapers, and her being so cute.

Continue reading “Back to Work”

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Reading Time

One thing the little muffin and I enjoy tremendously is reading time. She loves to play with her books all the time, even if I’m not reading them. The cute part is me having to flip the books so she’s looking at it upright. We read a lot. Every day, and normally 8 – 10 books.
Here are our favorites:
The Little Blue Truck by Alice Schretle

There’s actually a couple of these books and they are about a little country truck dealing with different situations. The writing and illustrations are great and fun. Continue reading “Reading Time”

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F*** on the To Do List

So I have a chalkboard in my house.  On it, I write my daily chores and errands I need to do/run so I don’t forget something.  I erase the chores when I’ve finished and I legitimately enjoy it.  It makes me feel productive and happy.  Plus my house is cleaner, and that’s always great. Continue reading “F*** on the To Do List”

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